Am I pregnant

I think I am pregnant

I was suppose to have my period last February 27, 2010. I am already delay by 11 days. I am married for 20 months now. I haven't bought a pregnancy kit because I want to try it on my second week of being delayed. I will have my test on Saturday, March 13. I have mixed emotions - I am excited at the same time scared. I am just getting the courage from women who have bore a child and raise them. I always tell myself the past 10 days, that if my mom and other moms outhere have done it --- why shouldn't I. I am so happy that I have a very supportive husband.

Could I Be Pregnant After Miscarriage?

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Dear Midwife,
On August 8 I had my menstrual cycle it was irregular. It lasted three days. A week or two later my breasts and tooth started to hurt and I was craving ice lattes. I don’t like coffee like that.

I was waiting on my period because I thought I was about to come on because of the cramping. But it didn’t, on September 5 I found out I was five weeks pregnant.