baby and didnt know it.

my name is Brittani and this is my a 14 year old girl ill be 15 in august. i had sex with a boy i was dating for about 5 months. he told me about 2 months ago he was leaving to go back to his home town in honduras. it was hard for me because i didnt know how to tell him i was pregnant. when he left he asked me if everything was okay i lied and said yes everything is fine. one of his friends found out that i was pregnant and called him and told him. he called me two days later and told me he would have stayed if he would have known that.

Raising Boys

All places seared in our minds because young people erupted in shocking violence. One detail of those events is so obvious that we haven't talked much about it, but it's something we can't afford to ignore. All of the young people who picked up guns were boys.

Helping a Friend Break the Cycle

If you know someone who is being abused, you can help her by showing you care. Let her speak confidentially about her situation and without judgment. You may be the only person with whom she feels comfortable. Show you care in these ways:

  • Listen to her
  • Believe her
  • Do not minimize her struggle
  • Do not judge her
  • Do not blame her
  • Assure her that she is not responsible for the abuse
  • Tell her it's not her fault. You can never make someone else hurt you

Domestic Violence: Myths and Facts

Myths and facts about domestic violence

Myth: Domestic violence does not affect many people.

Fact: Nearly one in three adult women experiences at least one physical assault by a partner during adulthood. (American Psychological Assn., Violence and the Family: Report of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family, 1996)

Myth: Battering is only a momentary loss of temper.