All Confused

They say when a woman's pregnant, she just "knows." Call it woman's intuition, call it whatever you want but it's been known to happen. It worked for my grandma, my mom, and my sister. They just knew they were pregnant and then took a test. It was positive. Now, enter me: I feel like I am. I totally believe that I am but when I took one test, positive, and then another, negative. How often does that mean someone is pregnant?

I'm just so confused. I want to be pregnant so bad. I want to have a baby but it seems like I can't get pregnant and then this crap happens.

Week 11-I want to know more!!

I am 11 Weeks today and time doesnt seem to be going by fast enough!
I have my second doctor's appoitnemnt tomorrow, but they are just mmeasuring and weighting. I can wait until April when i get to find out the babys gender, i want to know so i cab start my registry and my mom can start thinking about the baby shower. Besides the morning sickness and the painful ligaments streching on my belly, i can really "feel" pregnant. My husband and i keep wondering when we are finally going to start feeling our baby!