The Bliss That Babies Bring

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My niece, Chloe, has brought equilibrium in the family. Dad used to be hard-headed that he comes late after work, but when Chloe arrived, he always bring something for her, and arrives at 7 p.m. Family dinner is always a delight. Our house helper would always cook hearty meals. Chloe could now eat what we do and she has her own red plate. No, you cannot take that away from her or else she would show you her sad eyes.


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Its been a while since I have been on here and I thought i would drop in. Well My daughter Jayla turned 2 in august and she is so smart and big. I love watching her grow up. Me and her father split up when she was 9 months old. we have been on and off again for several months but recently ended it for good in june. Now with me being a single mother I am trying to get back into the datin world and its not easy i must say. I was wondering if any of you all had some advice for me. I have met a wonderful guy but Im very new to this so im not sure what to do.