Introducing Myself

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Hi, everyone.
Just thought I'd introduce myself.
I didn't think I'd sign up so early for an account on (or Pregnancy.anywhere, for that matter) but I figured I would. Who else would know so well what I'm going through?

My husband and I have been TTC for 6.5 years. A very long time.
About 7 weeks ago, we started on the fertility-help journey fir the first time.
Thankfully we've found out that we're both so normal it's amazing we even needed the help at all!

That's the good news.

More good news is this past Monday we did a round of IUI.

hoping to be with child again

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i just had a mist miscarrage in 2 days late..look like i did in june when i should of been 11 weeks baby died in me at 7 weeks but no one know..i took a test 2 weeks ago that said yes and another 7 days ago that said i im late and everyone says i look with child..i want to know if i'll lose this baby too cause my belly hurts like it did back in june??? or is it ok..i have 4 boys..

Laughing Through the Chaos - Can't a Girl Just Poop in Peace?

I get five of my ten toes out the door and screaming ensues. I remember, "Oh yes, we're in the phase where she blows a gasket if I leave the room." But, cry she must. This mama's gotta poop - when my husband is conveniently at work. This is unfortunate because, were he home during my oh-so-scheduled poops, I could enjoy a leisurely crap...