Still in limbo

So this morning (January 25th) I woke up and had a streak of bright red blood when I wiped. I immediately called the doctor and left a vm for the nurse saying I had bleeding and I was cramping. I wasn't exactly cramping, but it still felt....different. She called me back, scheduled my appointment for a prenatal work up a day early so that's tomorrow and then Friday I'll have my ultra sound in Harbour View.


So I just starting bleeding this afternoon and I am not sure if it is implantation spotting or if it is my period having come 3 weeks early. I have a bit of cramping in my stomach and back. I have only had a small amount of bleeding, less than a small spoonful probably. So I am crossing my fingers on the implantation bleeding.

Ultrasound Shows Small Bleed

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I went in today for my first ultrasound to confirm my due date. Everything with the baby looked great. My due date was right on and the baby's heart beat was 145bpm. I am 7 weeks and 3 days.

Last week when I first woke up and used the bathroom there was a tiny amount of blood and when I wiped, it was a pinkish/brown. I had no cramping or anything and when I called the doctor they said it was probably old. I have had no other bleeding since then.

Is This Really a Miscarriage?

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Dear Midwife,
I am about 8 weeks pregnant on 02/23/. I had some minor bleeding during the day on 02/22/ and returned home for some rest. At 1830 I had a sharp cramp like pain and some bleeding. Cramping got a little worse and the MD on call suggested I went to the ER to be checked out.

At the ER we sat there for an hour and half before being seen. I had yet to soak through a pad. Cramping had near enough stopped and was thinking about going home when they called us back.

Placenta Covers OS - 18 Weeks Pregnant

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Hi, I had bleeding and strong BH contractions after intercourse with my partner which lasted for 2 days. I'm 18 weeks pregnant.

My scan says this..

The placenta lies mainly on the left lateral wall, however it covers the internal os. No obvious hemorrhage seen.

As my placenta covers the os, what are the chances of it moving by the time I am 38 weeks? I know that 90% of LLP move enough for a normal birth, however as mine covers the internal os are the chances still as high?