blood clotting disorders

Tests, test, and more tests. Some results too!

The journey continues…

Walking into a hospital or doctor’s office has never been pleasant for me. I have never been one who is excited to see my doctor. Not that anything has ever been wrong up until now it’s just I feel that I am conditioned to hate the doctor, dentist, emergency room, etc. Today I felt different. I knew I wasn’t going to get my answers today but it was the first step to motherhood.

Recurring Miscarriage


Dear Midwife,
I am looking forward for advice, who can guide me to take the right path. I am 36 years old, had 4 miscarriages in 2 years. First 3 miscarriages, happened within 10 months. 1st pregnancy went up to 12 weeks and miscarriage happened at home.