Staying Slim During Pregnancy

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Dear Nutritionist,
I'm 42. I used to be overweight but managed to lose a lot of weight a year ago. Now I'm pregnant but I wish to stay slim. I intend to continue jogging and aerobics classes and limit my food intake during pregnancy in order to keep my weight down. I have a busy career and often rush meals. I drink a lot of coffee at work and a cigarette accompanies most of my cups of coffees. What nutritional advice can you give?

Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Okay During Pregnancy?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am about five weeks pregnant and have given up caffeine. I have been drinking decaffeinated green tea every now and then. I have read about other herbal teas not being safe but have not seen any articles regarding green tea.

Is it considered unsafe during pregnancy, even if it's decaffeinated?

Thank you,