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How Soon can We Try Again?

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Dear Midwife,
My husband and I are both 36 years old. We tried for 11½ years before getting pregnant for the first time (without any fertility treatments tried). I did develop gestational diabetes during the pregnancy. Our healthy baby boy was born via cesarean section 5 weeks ago and we have two questions.

  1. When can we begin to try to conceive again?
  2. How long should we try before seeking help from the OB-GYN?

We want to try again as soon as we could as we feel our age is an issue.

Thanks for your time and advice,

An Emergency C-section

Since Caitlin's birth happened so fast, and so unexpectedly, there isn't really too much to tell, but I'll do my best to make it interesting. Her birth story actually began at our baby shower as I opened our last gift. I was crouched down to unwrap the present (It was one of those stroller/car seat combos -- we knew that ahead of time.