3 months

This is my second pregnancy, the first was in august of last year, my boyfriend and I were so excitied but unfortunatley had a miscarriage on October,21st. Now we're pregnant again! Although he doesn't seem as excitied as the first time! I'm super pumped, reading books again and enjoying my changing body..

Could I really be pregnant?

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Could I really be pregnant after a tubal ligation surgery that i had done almost 6yrs ago? I've been having some strange symptoms. The one that struck me the most is how sore my breasts are and i still have 2 weeks til my cycle. I've been dizzy, tired, and all I want to eat is McDonalds fries and their vanilla ice cream cone. Plus I feel a fullness in my uterus, if that makes sense, and some cramping as well. Not to mention the headaches. I thought it was from caffeine and that maybe i was getting ready to start my cycle but then I realized it was still 2 weeks away.

Well... now what

Well... now what? What do i do know? I found out that I was pregnant March 1st. At that time I was living with my boyfriend, the father, and we were as happy as can be. even though we were not married we were still wanting to add a new member to our family. It is now a little over a month later, and I am living in a different state with my mother fighting every day with him, my emotions, and the pains of the first trimester.

All Confused

They say when a woman's pregnant, she just "knows." Call it woman's intuition, call it whatever you want but it's been known to happen. It worked for my grandma, my mom, and my sister. They just knew they were pregnant and then took a test. It was positive. Now, enter me: I feel like I am. I totally believe that I am but when I took one test, positive, and then another, negative. How often does that mean someone is pregnant?

I'm just so confused. I want to be pregnant so bad. I want to have a baby but it seems like I can't get pregnant and then this crap happens.

29 weeks...

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im a bit worried at the mo, the other night i was having contractions every 12 minutes apart but they stopped after 2 hours. i think they were contractions... it was lower back pain, my whole belly tightened up and a period cramp like feeling in my abdomen that was quite strong. I went to see the ex-midwife who lives next door to me and she said if it happens again i should go into hospital as it could possibly be a sigh of a UTI or pre-term labour. Today ive been having all sorts of wierd pains.