dealing with loss

Lost Father to Drunk Driver

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Dear Dr. Laura,
When my oldest son was 19 months old his father was killed by a drunk driver. He's now 3 years old going on 4 and knows his fathers picture when he sees it and knows that daddy is in heaven with angels. Lately though he's started asking if he could go to heaven to see his daddy.

I'm personally still a wreck over the accident and am not sure how I should be discussing his fathers death with him especially since I usually start to cry. Should I keep talking to him about his daddy or should I be holding off until he is older?

Ectopic and Infertility

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Two weeks after our long-awaited positive, we found it was an ectopic pregnancy. We were devastated. Now I want answers to why. Can I still get pregnant without treatment? Will it turn out to be normal? I feel hopeless and all alone. My family is more tuned in to my sister being pregnant and forgetting about my loss. I hope you can help! Read Debbie and Mara's reply.

Support Groups and Timing Another Pregnancy

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Dear Experts,
My husband and I recently suffered a pregnancy loss at 19 weeks. I am looking for support groups in the area. I have been unsuccessful in locating someplace to assist in dealing with this. Also, when do you know you are ready to try again for a healthy baby?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Timing Subsequent Pregnancies

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Dear Experts,
Three months ago, my twin sons were born prematurely and died the following day. I'm seeing a grief counselor this week, and think that will help me. My question is, how do you know when you are ready to start trying again? My husband and I had already waited 7 years before we decided to try for the first time.

And though I have given birth and held my sons in my arms, I don't have children in my home. I long for a child in my arms, in my house that I can nurture, love and watch grow.

Permission To Grieve

It has almost been three years since the day we lost you, and still, not a day goes by without a thought of you, a wish that you were here, with me, on earth. I never stop wondering what you would have been like, what you would have looked like. I know your brothers would have loved you...

Marriage Survival After The Loss Of A Baby

by Carol Ruth Blackman


Losing a child affects parents in many ways. Survival skills are needed to keep your marriage strong after losing your baby. We'll look first at the differences between husbands and wives, then discuss some of the dangers to be aware of and include suggestions for successfully surviving the natural differences between a husband's and wife's grief and the dangers which arise after loss.