Why Kids Misbehave

When children misbehave, our gut reaction is to do whatever we can to stop it and stop it fast! There are big problems with this approach. Instead of reacting, have your response focus on the core issue and teach the child how to resolve that core issue through positive behavior.

Getting Baby Used to a Variety of Foods

Do you want your little one to enjoy all the foods the rest of the family likes? Do you worry you'll have a toddler who only wants mac and cheese or hot dogs? Learn how to use developmental windows of opportunity (heightened fascination with colorful objects and the tendency to put everything in her mouth)to encourage a life-long appreciation of the foods of your culture.

Help please

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I am an active duty member in the Air Force and I work in an "Industrial area". I am an aircraft maintainer by trade. My Commander is trying to get to me to work the snack bar, which normally would be no big deal, just wear gloves when you handle the money, right? However, the snackbar is located right next to our tool and hazzardious materials storage areas. These tools are covered in air craft grease, jet fuel, and oil. The snack bar is still in the industrial area and I'm worried about my unborn baby being around the fumes and all those hazzardious materials.

High Risk Kids

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Hi Dr. Laura,
My husband and I are seriously considering assuming permanent guardianship for 3 young children, and particularly the youngest. Their mother is a foster-sister. Here are details:

Children are 16 months, 2½ and 4.
Their mom is a little slow mentally.
She breastfed each to age one or so.
The children have been shifted around once they hit toddler age.
There is obvious developmental delay.
They don't mind going with unfamiliar people, but do panic if you put on your coat. It is as if they're afraid you will leave without them.