A Nanny, a Dog and Kids!

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When there is anyone other then Mom or Dad supervising a baby in the home there is likely to be a change in dynamics for the dog. Dogs are sensitive to the changing of people coming and going. Some dogs, more then others.

This is often reflected in articles of major dog bite incidents that hit the news. Many times it is not the parent who is the caretaker when the bite takes place. Some reason for this may be:

  1. The caretaker is less familiar with the dogs responses and signs indicating stress or agitation.

Parenting Kids & Dogs

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After having already had three children and a houseful of dogs and cats I pretty much thought I was prepared for our fourth baby, Kelsyann. I'm an experienced Mom right?!? This should be easy.

Well boy was I wrong! From the beginning Kelsyann has been a needy baby. Nothing that worked with the others seemed to work for her. This has been interesting, frustrating and challenging at best!

How Do I Introducing Dog to Baby

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Dear Family Pet Expert,
My husband and I have a 7-month-year old Lab. We've had her since she was just 7 weeks old and I already knew that I was pregnant (about 2 months). We decided that it'd be easier to get a puppy before the baby came and have her trained, that way she'd be ready for when the baby arrived. She's a good dog, well trained and behaved; she does get excited at times, especially with new people around, but other than that she's a very good dog and we love her dearly.

How Can We Prepare Our Dogs For Baby?

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Dear Pet Expert,
My husband and I have 2 adorable labs that are both 1 1/2 years old. We've had them since they were puppies and absolutely love them to death. We our expecting our first child soon and we want to do whatever we can to prepare them for the baby.

Our dogs are both very well behaved around small children, however we're worried they won't know what to think since they have gotten all the attention thus far. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you kindly,


Dogs and Storks

Many families believe it best that they re-home their dog when a baby is joining the family. Concerns range from safety issues to lack of time. Good News! There are many proactive steps that can be taken ahead of time to help things go smoothly. Obedience, leadership as well as management are all essential keys to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all.