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I Preg Test This Morning

I woke up this morning at 6:00 am to have my HCG Urine Test otherwise known as pregnancy test. I was very keen on what to do. I almost reread the steps 5X (5 times) just to make sure that I will do the right procedure. When I gain the confidence on what to do, I go to the bathroom and do my thing. In less than 3 minutes, I got the result, it has two lines - it's POSITIVE. I was so excited that I immediately wake up my husband. He was also thrill with the news. Tomorrow, I will visit my doctor to validate my findings. I am so happy!


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Hey everybody. I think I am pregnant with my third child. I'm ecstatic! I took a pregnancy test this morning, followed by 2 more just to be sure, and they were all positive. Making a doctor appointment with Dr. Sanchez. Hope it's not a false positive, because if I am pregnant, this child will be the last, and our family will finally be complete!