Helping Preschoolers Manage Emotions

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I have a 3.5 year old named Aden. I have been trying to help him to be emotionally aware, and to give him a vocabulary to use to express his emotions appropriately. For example: it's okay to be angry; it's not okay to hit your sister. He has suddenly seemed to grasp the concept (not all the time, but often), and I am proud of him.

Empathy for a Father

Many mothers say they wish their partner sympathized more with their situation. But the other side of the coin is also often true: that a father wishes his partner understood HIM more. Since one of the best ways to receive more understanding and consideration is to give it, let's take a moment to explore empathy for a father.

Guys, Empathy and the First Trimester

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We are nine weeks pregnant and I feel like @#$#@. My husband doesn't get it. His attitude is that since I don't "look" pregnant then I shouldn't be complaining.

I'll be honest. Right now I AM a grouch after feeling exhausted, nauseous 24/7, and then trying to juggle my normal routine (at work and home.)

I don't expect him to make it better but can't a guy have SOME sympathy?

Grouchy in Maryland