Lowering the Risk of Toxemia

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Dear Midwife,
Hi. I was hoping you could help me. I am now in the midst of trying for a third child. My last 2 pregnancies were horrible. I had toxemia for both and had to be put on blood pressure pills. Both were emergency c-sections. My last pregnancy was even worse they had to deliver her at 7 months because she was not growing and was showing signs of distress.

Nine Pregnancy Tests With Inconclusive Results

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I am so confused. I am 2 days late for my period. Last week I did early result HPTs; 3 came up positive followed by 2 negative. I went to the doctor and he said most likely not. The same day I got a strange pain (which later found out was cramping), went to hospital and they did a blood test. It came back negative. When my period was due I did another hpt and came back positive and 4 have since. I went back to doctor for blood test which came back inconclusive -- just on the borderline of positive apparently.