family traditions

Add some giggles to your gifts

by Kas Winters, Mother of Family Ideas™ Family gift giving fun!

In our family, we focus more on the fun of being together than on the gifts given or received. Some of the most memorable items exchanged are often inexpensive, handmade or ones that make us laugh. We'll admit that opening gifts is seldom boring, but it's quite a bit of fun to make the exchange itself amusing. We remember those chuckles for years.

The Family Dinner

by Archer Crosley

If I had to stress one thing that you could do for your family to enhance its quality and productivity, it would be the family dinner or meal.

I believe there should be one meal per day where the family gets together and shares a common experience.

The family dinner is not just a time to exchange pleasantries; the family dinner is when the family sits down and reviews family affairs. How are the kids doing in school? Is Johnny cleaning is room? Where would they all like to go on summer vacation?