15 weeks

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Mine is not a planned pregnancy. In fact, I had come to think that, much as I loved the thought of having a child of my own, this was not to be for me. I'm a teacher, and hanging out with other people's kids fed my baby hunger some - it's also quite a powerful contraceptive, as I know for sure that children are not all sweetness and light all the time! They can be noisy, frustrating and grey hair-inducing... but they are also awe-inspiring and joyous and honest.

Another day closer

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On day six of cycle 1 of the second try. I honestly hold very little belief that we are going to get pregnant right off. We didn't last time and I doubt we will this time. I have a small nugget of hope that we will be able to but I still haven't been sleeping well at night thinking about things. I wish I had faith...I guess this is when most people turn to their religion or something. I just have to turn to science, which doesn't support me very well in all of this. The likelihood of it happening again is the same as before, and since it happened before, it could again.

What Happens With an Implantational Bleed?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Just curious to see if you could give me a little insight. Last week I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks. My dates matched up and the baby had a heart rate of 157 which I was told was good. However, they noticed a rather large bleed and they referred to it as an "implantation bleed." She said they commonly see this and usually you bleed or your body reabsorbs the blood. I have had no bleeding at all.