One step closer to the journey itself

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Well, well. My husband and I are one step closer to the journey of TTC. In my teenage years I never thought I would have the problem of infertility. I thought that when I wanted a child, I would simply have one. My mother had 3 kids with no issues as did many of other close relatives. In fact, my aunt had PCOS and still managed to have a somewhat regular mense and 3 kids. Only her daughter and I have had fertility issues, thought they are quite the opposite. She can get pregnant all day long but cannot carry and I just have problems getting pregnant. Here is my story.....

The Marathon of Motherhood

Motherhood is a long journey, a marathon, not a sprint. If you regard motherhood as a long marathon, spanning twenty years or more, how might you shift the demands you place on yourself? How might you assert yourself to get more help from others? How might you take better care of your body? Or better nourish your inner being? Or simply be nicer to yourself?

Asking for Empathy

All of us could probably get better at empathy, but men in particular tend to be raised in our society to focus on facts and solutions rather than feelings and relationships. If approached with respect (and some empathy as well), many fathers welcome a gentle suggestion about what to actually do in order to be more empathic.