first trimester

8 weeks along with our FIRST!

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So Here I am pregnant. Never thought I'd find someone who would complete me so wholly; but here he is- and we are having a baby!!!! 8 weeks along, and we are getting ready to move in the next five days. YEOWSA! Haven't been working out as much as I would like- the puppy dog is feeling the lack; but we have been in a FRENZY getting things packed to do a cross-country move.

Too soon to tell

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Well, I just found out I was pregnant yesterday. I have had 2 miscarriages so far, both of them in the first 10 weeks. Every time I go to the bathroom, I expect to see blood. I want to be excited, but I can't. I'll just get heartbroken again. I know I'm not the only one out there, but I just wish I could carry a child. I hope this time is different....

Mood Swings... UGH!

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Ugh last night started something terrible. Me and Tyler were sitting down and looking at baby names and already trying to find the perfect one for our little one. There seem to be no compromise in sight and I was just getting a little annoyed. He was picking names that you heard kids in school get picked on with. (Alastar Banner Brinkley, really?) So I decided to for the time being to forgo the first name and bounce to the middle. I wanted to do something classy like one of our fathers or grandfathers names.