He Really Wanted a Boy

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This question deals with gender disappointment.

We just had our third girl. I knew during pregnancy that my husband really wanted a boy this time (as did I) but while I got over it, he still seems stuck on being disappointed.

Any ideas on how to help him move past this? He’s a great dad to our other two -- but this time just seems more disconnected.

I'm Ashamed

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Dear Midwife,
Ok here is the deal, I am having so many crazy emotions.

I am a mom of three amazing boys, and have recently discovered that at 30 I am pregnant with a fourth, the emotions come when I start thinking about the sex of the new baby. I get angry at the thought of this baby being a boy. I feel horrible when I have those thoughts but I can't help it.

Could an Amnio Be Wrong About Gender?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I had a 20 week level 2 u/s last week. The doctor just called and said the u/s could not conclusively show that my baby is a girl. The amnio came back girl; but the doctor said that the u/s technician said she saw something. What could she have seen? And have you ever heard of an amnio being wrong?

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