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Conceiving with one tube

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Dear Ask the Midwife, I had a laproscopy done last month, I'm married, and trying to conceive. Results weren't good at all. My left tube is blocked. No egg comes out ( due to an infection when I was younger tissue formed inside the tube.) I have regular periods and have been trying for 10 months. My own doctor who performed my surgery basically told me not to even try to get preggo... I guess because it can cause tubal pregnancy. but we want a child! We have no money for fertility treatment. Advice would be great! I could use it!

Does Soy and Soy Products Negatively Affect Fertility and Preconception Time?

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This question might be interesting for vegans consuming soy products, and generally people who eat soy and are trying to conceive a baby.

Connection between soy and infertility or decreased fertility is somehow cemented in my mind, I am not sure why, but there must be a reason, right?

So, I decided to make a little “research”, and in this article I have listed the main premises I have learned. I hope you will enjoy reading it, and perhaps learn something new.

Pamela's Journey

It's amazing that I have spent most of my life trying NOT to get pregnant. I thought since my mom was one of thirteen kids and I'm one of five that my genetic chances of conceiving were pretty good. Last year I decided to go off of birth control and my period stopped coming as well. I am in the military and I deployed to Iraq in September of last year. Before the deployment I took birth control again because I was getting anthrax shots and was scared of getting pregnant and injuring my unborn child. I got my period just like any regular girl would.


So I've been reading on a few websites on and off today at work. Mostly about fertility and getting pregnant after you go off the pill. I put 9 books on hold at the library! One for my hubby and one that I'm expecially excited for, "What to Expect Before You're Expecting". I've also been reading all about pregnancy! The blogs, FAQ's, and websites are full of all kinds of information. Some of it breaks my heart to read about these wonderful women who want nothing more than to have a family. It makes me thing of how my mom must have felt. She and my father tried for 10 years to have children.