My Journey, So Far

I'm Stacey. I've been married for three years to a wonderful, devoted man named Justin. I'm a 27 year old middle school English teacher who loves working with youth. I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years. We knew as soon as we were married we wanted children.

Do Three Sacs Mean I'll Have Triplets?

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I am almost 32 years old. My first pregnancy ended with a D&C on due to a blighted ovum.

I conceived approximately 2-3 weeks later. My first set of levels revealed high progesterone and an HcG of 46. I had the HCG re-taken five days later and it rose to 851.

Since I'd had a previous miscarriage and was not having a regular menstrual period prior to conceiving, my OB/GYN brought me in for an early sonogram. It which showed 3 gestational sacs measuring 5 weeks.

Rising hCG Despite No Fetal Pole On Ultrasound

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Dear Midwife,
My LMP was 8-29-09. Date of conception ~ 09/15. Spotting and cramping yielded very early US on 10/05. Abnormal US "showing large subchorionic hematoma "probably abortion in progress, with no fetal pole." Quantitative Bhcg went from 15999 to 30000 in 48 hours (10/06-10/08). Saw OBGYN 10/12 w/repeat U/S.

Her thoughts were there is no hematoma, but that it is a collapsed second sac. No fetal pole or heartbeat seen in other sac. OB states 99% sure not a viable pregnancy. Had repeat bhcg same day, up to 60,000.

IUI with Clomid and HCG Injection

So this past saturday we had an IUI. They started me on Clomid this cycle and also gave me an HCG Injection to induce ovulation.

On friday I had a ultrasound which showed that I had a good sized folicle on each side. I was extatic!!!

Then Saturday we showed up for our IUI and they told us my husbands spermcount was 14 million. Which was the highest count we have ever gotten ,and the mobility was a 4 out of 4 ... the scale is 1-4.

They did the IUI.. Which was almost painless... The cathiter kind of hurt my cervix, but I would go through with it no mater how painful Smile