HCG levels

When Should I Test Positive?

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Dear Midwife,
My period has been late for about 9 days now. Actually my period has been irregular ever since I got married (late November last year). But 9 days late is considered a record for me. Since this year, at most my period has been late is 5 days. I did take a pregnancy test (ClearBlue brand) on a day ago (in the morning) and it came out negative. Unsatisfied, I went to the doctor whom took a urine test (which looks rather 'cheap' compared to the one I'd used). It came out negative.

Good HcG Levels, But Only a Gestational Sac

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I'm not sure whether to worry about this or not. I had my last period between June 10th through June 14th. My OB confirmed the pregnancy and I haven't had any bleeding. My HcG levels my levels were good. Since I miscarried last year, she sent me for an ultrasound for viability and dates.

At my first ultrasound the sonographer saw an empty gestational sac. She said I may have a blighted ovum.

The following day I had more blood drawn for HCG levels. My levels were rising as they should. The OB said not to worry about a blighted ovum.