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Could Heavy Lifting Have Caused a Miscarriage?

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Dear Midwife,
I and my husband used a ovulation test to define the two most fertile days. I still have two days to go to my period due day, but couple of days ago I lifted something extremely heavy. The evening after and the following day I felt pain in my stomach and back. Later I thought that my period was coming but now I don't feel anything.

Do you think that if I was pregnant I may have done a miscarriage? Thank you for answering.

Lifting During Pregnancy

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hi. I'm not sure yet if I'm pregnant or not but I have the symptoms of being pregnant. I have a question about lifting. I work at a place that requires lifting boxes sometimes and I was wondering what weight level would be safe to lift without hurting the baby if I am pregnant?

Also, what kind of foods can one eat during pregnancy? What kind of exercises are recommended during pregnancy? Thanks for your time and attention.