research into place of birth statistics

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Although I am not pregnant, and not even trying to get pregnant, I have been looking in to where I want my next birth to occur. My first was born in a hospital with a certified nurse-midwife, and lately I've been really interested in having the next one at home.

Somehow, whilst browsing the internet for information, I keep ending up coming across the "Dr. Amy's Homebirth Debate" blog. I know from my research that statistics can be manipulated, and I think both sides of the natural vs. medical birth war may be guilty of doing it.

Homebirth: Whom to Invite

When you dream of your perfect birth experience, do you find yourself longing for the comforts of home complete with your own bed, quiet, personal surroundings, control over what family / friends are welcome, and more? Today's pregnant woman is increasingly turning to the respite offered from yesteryear (well - with modern plumbing which is a definite plus)! Read on for help planning your special day.