Hearts mean Love! Or so I thought.

Confidence shattering is an understatement. Pain, raw emotion, the reality that I may not be able to carry a child, longing to be a mother, this is what I felt plus much more that I can’t even describe.

I was so confident walking into my appointment for my ultrasound results that I didn’t even prepare myself for bad news. I have had so many, what could go wrong? Researching every possibility has been a way for me to prepare for the worst. I didn’t prepare for today, like I said, I was confident.

Recurring Miscarriage


Dear Midwife,
I am looking forward for advice, who can guide me to take the right path. I am 36 years old, had 4 miscarriages in 2 years. First 3 miscarriages, happened within 10 months. 1st pregnancy went up to 12 weeks and miscarriage happened at home.