Fantasy vs. Reality: Plan for the Unexpected Birth

I was planning for a natural birth. Every girl imagines her first kiss, her wedding day and what it will feel like to have a baby. Part was through pregnancy, out of the blue, a friend said, "Oh, I've been meaning to tell you...if things don't go the way you have planned," she paused briefly, yet thoughtfully, "it's okay." For some reason, her words anchored themselves into my mind.

Can I Have a VBAC?

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Dear Midwife,
Hi, my name is Janet. when I was pregnant with my first child I got induced due to that fact that I was past due date.

I was in labor for 24 hours and only dilated 6cm. I'm expecting my second child in June and will like to try VBAC.

Can I give birth vaginal if the problem I had was due to not being able to dilate?

Semen to induce labour????

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I was reading up on natural ways to induce labour (i dont wanna go past my due date lol) and i found somenting about taking semen orally to help induce. i mean i heard that it helps to soften the cervix through having sex, but orally? i have a sneeky suspicion that a man came up with that one.... im surprised it doesnt say that it only works if taken directly from the source! lol.... but if anyone knows of this actually working i may give it a try...... if im completely desperate that is lol.

Can I Labor in Water During a VBAC?

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Dear Midwife,I am expecting my seventh baby. My sixth was an emergency c section due to fetal distress (meconium). I want to have a VBAC. I found a midwife that is willing to help me and I asked her if I would be able to labor in the water. She said, "No. After having a C-sec, your scar could open up like a zipper when in the water so that would not be possible.