infant loss

Making time to grieve.

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Pregnancy and infant loss is never easy. The passing often takes with it shattered hearts and dreams of a future far different than the reality. Having to go through this process while still being called on to serve others -- whether that role is bearing work responsibilities, as "mom" for other children, coping with deteriorating health of parents or in-laws, or simply juggling your relationship with your partner -- 'overwhelming' doesn't even come close.

Lactation Suppression

Once your milk supply is established, stopping abruptly causes certain physical changes. Your breasts will continue to produce milk for a while, you may become engorged, and possibly develop mastitis. Here are some suggestions that may minimize your discomfort, and avoid potential problems.

Who Am I?

Following the death of a young child everything changes. Probably the most significant changes that occur come from within the heart of a grieving parent. A parent will often feel so strangely different that the question will be asked time and time again, "Who am I?"