Infertility Roller Coaster

The roller coaster ride really did mirror infertility treatment for me and many others. I would do something that terrified me, that wreaked havoc on my body and my mind for my child. I would take what I perceived as a personal risk for her. When I knew I couldn't handle the roller coaster anymore I chose another ride, hoping that different ride would work.

Getting Pregnant Again with Low Sperm Count

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Dear Midwife,
I am 25 years old and trying for a second child. It took my husband and I almost 6 years for our first child. We had testing done and I was fine but he had a low sperm count. The doctor said that it was very unlikely that we would conceive without in-vitro or artificial insemination. However, 8 months after the testing, we were successful in getting pregnant on our own.

I was just wondering if it was likely that it would take us a such a long time this time.


Is a "Blurry" Sac Equated With Bad Prognosis?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
My husband and I are pregnant after our 2nd round of IVF. I have had two successful pregnancies on my own, but due to my husband's vasectomy, we agreed on IVF. I just had an ultrasound to be sure there was a sac and it was not an ectopic pregnancy. I am scheduled for another ultrasound in 4 days to check for a heartbeat.