Semen to induce labour????

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I was reading up on natural ways to induce labour (i dont wanna go past my due date lol) and i found somenting about taking semen orally to help induce. i mean i heard that it helps to soften the cervix through having sex, but orally? i have a sneeky suspicion that a man came up with that one.... im surprised it doesnt say that it only works if taken directly from the source! lol.... but if anyone knows of this actually working i may give it a try...... if im completely desperate that is lol.


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omg i think i had a show today. im not sure if it is or not because i didnt loose the plug until my waters broke with keira... its weird, like discharge but thicker and browny colour.... is this a show?
feel really odd today too.... cant explain it, just ODD!
Simon (my partner) seems quite worried as he is texting me alot, normally he doesnt bother when he is at work, but he keeps checking in to see if im ok. its dead sweet really!
anyway, i will have to keep myself calm... im sure im imagining it!