male infertility

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Approximately 18 years after being told he'd most likely never have children, my boyfriend and I found out we're pregnant! We've been "trying but not trying" for the past two years and gave up all hope at this point. The funny part is, the day we found out is also the day we got a letter from the hospital where he had cancer treatment (for Hodgkin's Disease) saying he was definitely NOT fertile. However, 3 HPT's and positive bloodwork later, we're about 7 weeks along and hoping for the best. Although this couldn't have come at worse time, we're very excited (nervous, scared, etc).

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Hi Sam,
We've been trying now for two years to have a baby. At this point I've undergone multiple tests with no answers. My doctor has recommended my husband be tested for fertility issues.

His immediate response seems to be that I'm somehow questioning his sexual abilities. Trust me -- THAT part is fine!

How is it that women are supposed to go through the testing and that's ok, but the same isn't true for guys?


Male Infertility

There are multiple causes of infertility. The male alone is the cause in 20-35% of cases of infertility. An evaluation of the male should be one of the very first tests carried out in the investigation of the infertile couple.