What defines me as a mother

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So I find myself wondering how many years will pass, before the anniversary date of losing the baby will not shock me. By now she'd be five, and looking forward to her fifth birthday...
I'm learning how to define myself as a mother now. It's no longer the innocent cheery version, that you find in the Sears catalogue, but it's also not the life of someone who 'mis-handled' their pregnancy.

The Marathon of Motherhood

Motherhood is a long journey, a marathon, not a sprint. If you regard motherhood as a long marathon, spanning twenty years or more, how might you shift the demands you place on yourself? How might you assert yourself to get more help from others? How might you take better care of your body? Or better nourish your inner being? Or simply be nicer to yourself?

The Motherhood Club

by Ann Douglas

My mom gave me this 'Mother's Journal' when I was pregnant. She wrote something in it for me, but her words just sounded corny to me before Ryan was born. But when I read it after he was born, her message made me cry. She had written 'Welcome to the Club!' It brings tears to my eyes even now.
- Tracy Moroney, mother of two, Burlington, Ontario