Im 48 missed my monthly that comes faithfully every 28 days and to my surprised I have a bundle of joy that I will for now call My Diamond. I'm excited and want to do all I can to keep healthy and eat right. A little nervous but God and my best friend will get me through my pregnancy. (smile)


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So, for the past week my mom and I have been doing my baby registries. At first I thought it would be all fun to get the little gun and walk around scanning things that I want and need. Little did I know that it was so stressful because I have no job and am having this baby off of my boyfriend's income.

Parenting Kids & Dogs

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After having already had three children and a houseful of dogs and cats I pretty much thought I was prepared for our fourth baby, Kelsyann. I'm an experienced Mom right?!? This should be easy.

Well boy was I wrong! From the beginning Kelsyann has been a needy baby. Nothing that worked with the others seemed to work for her. This has been interesting, frustrating and challenging at best!


So I've been reading on a few websites on and off today at work. Mostly about fertility and getting pregnant after you go off the pill. I put 9 books on hold at the library! One for my hubby and one that I'm expecially excited for, "What to Expect Before You're Expecting". I've also been reading all about pregnancy! The blogs, FAQ's, and websites are full of all kinds of information. Some of it breaks my heart to read about these wonderful women who want nothing more than to have a family. It makes me thing of how my mom must have felt. She and my father tried for 10 years to have children.