First Attempt

Bought prenatal vitamins today. I already take fish oil supplement once a day, which I love. Talked to my mom about trying to make it happen. Haven't totally explained to my dad the situation, but I think he gets that living with my husband might lead to a baby. Def didn't tell brother anything. I don't want to hear it from him, whatever he has to say about it.

Sad that I can't be planning this at home, but maybe the next one? Wink

Calling doctor in the morning to get a pre-conception visit in.

Praise for Parents

Parenting advice usually focuses on the challenges parents face, mistakes to avoid and effective skills we can use. But every parent and parenting "partner" deserves a pat on the back for doing something positive, even on a small scale, that means a lot to a child. I want to make sure we do that here, now and then.