preconception checkup

Pre-Conception Appt.

Today i went in for my preconception appointment. i absolutely love the OB, i feel so comfortable with her!! She prescribed me a prenatal vitamin, but when i went to Walgreens to get the prescription, the total price was $45.00!! Usually my Rx are like 4.00. Should i take an OTC one, are those as good as the Rx ones?? What are the best OTC brands and what are the prices??

Fertility Testing

After a series of disappointing "negatives" showing up you may feel that "your time" to become a parent is out of reach. You definitely are not alone nor is your situation hopeless. Your doctor may recommend a complete medical workup of you and your partner. In this article you'll find typical tests you may face, discover why they are recommended, and remain empowered throughout your trying to conceive journey!

Pre-Pregnancy Checklist Helps Prepare Couples

So you have decided to have a child. Congratulations. Welcome to a whole new world of choices. Never before have your decisions had such a profound impact on another person. Everything you eat, drink, breathe and touch can affect your baby. But before you throw away your morning coffee or tea take a few minutes and read these common sense thoughts on pregnancy.