pregnancy loss


Pregnancy can be such an exciting time, but with the great number of miscarriages that occur, it is beneficial to be informed on miscarriage, in the unfortunate event that you find yourself or someone you know faced with one. The following is a quick overview of some of the inside facts on miscarriage.

Were There Ever Any Babies?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Last week I had a D&C following a "missed miscarriage". I found out I was pregnant at 5-6 weeks, but because I had had several weeks of light bleeding and constant brownish discharge they sent me for an early ultrasound. It was dated 5+ weeks and showed 2 gestational sacs (no heartbeats) - both with good decidual reactions.

Marriage Survival After The Loss Of A Baby

by Carol Ruth Blackman


Losing a child affects parents in many ways. Survival skills are needed to keep your marriage strong after losing your baby. We'll look first at the differences between husbands and wives, then discuss some of the dangers to be aware of and include suggestions for successfully surviving the natural differences between a husband's and wife's grief and the dangers which arise after loss.