Mood Swings... UGH!

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Ugh last night started something terrible. Me and Tyler were sitting down and looking at baby names and already trying to find the perfect one for our little one. There seem to be no compromise in sight and I was just getting a little annoyed. He was picking names that you heard kids in school get picked on with. (Alastar Banner Brinkley, really?) So I decided to for the time being to forgo the first name and bounce to the middle. I wanted to do something classy like one of our fathers or grandfathers names.

Could I be pregnant?

I went to my gynocologist 2 weeks ago because I suspected that I was pregnant. The cyst that froms each month in case the woman gets pregnant had burst (normal) on my right side but remained on my left ovary. My husband and I had had unprotected sex about 1 week prior to that apponintment, so about 3 weeks ago. Because of that last incident, my gynocologist said it was possible that I could still get pregnant from that last time, but that it was too early to tell by ultrasound. My period came last Friday and lasted for two days with average flow.

Life after Potter's Syndrome Entry #2

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We lost our son back on April 25th, 2009 because of Potter's Syndrome. I gave birth at 2:46 that morning and left the hospital that very same day sometime after supper time. After more then 24 hours of labor....After all that work I left that hospital with empty arms and an indiscribable emptiness inside. After waking up the next morning in a fog, we made arrangments for our sons services and burial. Isaacs funeral was on April 29th at 11am. We had a full christian service and then buried my son at a cemetary 1 1/2 miles from our house.

Life after Potter's Syndrome Entry #1

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I want to start off by introducing myself and telling you a little bit about our story for those who do not know me.
My name is Lee-Anne, and I just found out that I am expecting my 4th child. My husband and I have been married for 4 years, and we have 2 beautiful little girls Zoey(3) and Alayna(2). They are my whole world and I'm am so thankful for having them, I would not trade them for anything in this world. They are a handful and quiet energetic, especially Alayna who takes after her father.