Why Kids Misbehave

When children misbehave, our gut reaction is to do whatever we can to stop it and stop it fast! There are big problems with this approach. Instead of reacting, have your response focus on the core issue and teach the child how to resolve that core issue through positive behavior.

Helping Preschoolers Manage Emotions

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I have a 3.5 year old named Aden. I have been trying to help him to be emotionally aware, and to give him a vocabulary to use to express his emotions appropriately. For example: it's okay to be angry; it's not okay to hit your sister. He has suddenly seemed to grasp the concept (not all the time, but often), and I am proud of him.

Bedtime Routines

Most parents know the basic "5 B's" of bedtime routines: bath, brush teeth, bathroom, books, and bed. Our family, however, has invented many other fun (but not too physical) games that we've added to these basics. Because we frequently make bedtime fun, our children don't resist bedtime. Here are just a few games we've made up: