6 week torture begins

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Oh boy, here we go! I hit 6 weeks yesterday and here it came. That famous pregnancy nausea. I always feel like I'm getting gypped on this issue because with #1, I had 0 nausea. Not even a hint. I threw up 3 times and that was in the last trimester from eating spicy food with heartburn. I thought morning sickness was a myth propogated by the power of suggestion.


I am hungry and sickly feeling as if I will throw up if I don't have anything as soon as I have a craving. It stinks! I'm seeing Twizler commercials and I think of the different flavores (blue, reds, orange, pink) they sell on the other side of town. Oh, they sound so good right now too. Justin's always touching my belly in wowness. I love it!

Psychosis and Pregnancy

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Dr Laura,
I`m a 31-year-old German. My husband and I are thinking of having our first child next year.

I'm looking forward to that happening but I have one concern: I am schizophrenic for 5 years now. What do I have to do to have a normal pregnancy as possible?

Probably I can`t stop taking drugs. The information I have is that I have to change the drug I am taking at the moment. Risperdal affects the fertility. There is a certain risk for me of having an episode while being pregnant or after the birth. Therefore I need a careful supervision by my doctors.

Flu in Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I am 6weeks pregnant and have just come down with a very bad flu virus, I am a bit worried as I thought my immune system is at it's peak while pregnant. I am only 6weeks gone an feel quite unwell - I miscarried this time last year @ 11weeks - I also had the flu then, I didn't realize I had miscarried until 13weeks. I am very worried and scared.