single mom

Day 1

Hi I am Kahliah and I am going to be starting the process to make a baby. I am will be 29 soon and I did want I wanted with my career but I forgot to have a baby?! LOL I am at the point in my life where I would like to have a child. I am about 80% ready. I am no longer looking for the right man of my dreams, now I am looking for the right sperm! Smile

I am learning as much as I can about Artificial insemination before I take the leap. I have read more books then I wanted to on being a single mother. My mom was a single mother for most of my life and she did a good job.

Pregnant and Single in the City

So I'll be 32 in October and quite possibly having a baby on or around my birthday, if it happens to be the other possibility, n november. It was definitely unplanned, but am well-off, not working, and live a generous lifestyle in a nice area of the city. I really have no family, no brothers or sisters, and would be doing this all on my own - but am used to doing everything alone, and as of now have 2 cats and a pug puppy and me living in a luxury 1 br condo.

finding out im pregnant

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so it's wednesday, I found out last friday that i'm pregnant.
I was expecting my period around the 17th like usual and it got to be the 20th and im like wtf you know, and then friday morning i was like, i had my period on jan 6th! i'm LATE. so i called my dr asking if any of the medicens im on can cause me to be irregular and they said no, to take a pregnancy test. yeah that scared me.
I'm 19 by the way, and I broke up with my jerk boyfriend two weeks prior to finding this all out. we dated for two months and he is scum.

Broke Up and Now Pregnant

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Dear Relationship Expert,
My fiance left me on Thursday and I found out that I a pregnant on Friday morning. He will not have anything to do with me at all. He will not call write or answer his phone even at work. I have been depressed -- not eating, not drinking not sleeping....I just want him to recognize his baby and call and let me know that everything is going to be okay and that he will be there for me. I even have a doctors appointment today and he will not come. What do I do?