Second Hand Smoke

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Dear Midwife,
I'm about 10 weeks pregnant and my husband and I were out celebrating our friend's birthday. The restaurant was pretty free from smoke during the evening but began to turn into more of a bar environment with more and more smokers as the night progressed. Not to raise any suspicion, since we have not shared the pregnancy news yet, we tried to position ourselves away from any smokers in the room but at the end of the night it was unavoidable. When we felt that the smoke was too much, we left.

Staying Slim During Pregnancy

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Dear Nutritionist,
I'm 42. I used to be overweight but managed to lose a lot of weight a year ago. Now I'm pregnant but I wish to stay slim. I intend to continue jogging and aerobics classes and limit my food intake during pregnancy in order to keep my weight down. I have a busy career and often rush meals. I drink a lot of coffee at work and a cigarette accompanies most of my cups of coffees. What nutritional advice can you give?

Women and Smoking

Today, about 1 out of every 5 women in America smokes, even though we know smoking is not good for our health. Women who smoke may have a modest increase in risks for ectopic pregnancy (fallopian tube or peritoneal cavity pregnancy) and miscarriage.

Getting Ready To Conceive

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Dear Fitness Expert,
What are the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. I have been on Lupron for the past 3 months and my doctor has given us the ok to try to get pregnant. This is going to be challenging because I have not had my period for 3 months.

Where do I start and how soon will I be able to know if what I am trying is working? When is the earliest I can take a pregnancy test?