Is It Okay To Get Pregnant Right After a Miscarriage?

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Dear Midwife,
I had a miscarriage. I have already been to the doctor for a check up and he said everything was okay. He asked me if I had a period since my miscarriage and I told him the only bleeding I done was three days after my miscarriage.

My husband and I have been having sex but we use a spermicide for protection, and since I have not started my period could I be pregnant. Is it dangerous to get pregnant after a miscarriage and not have a period in between?


Spermicide comes in many forms. Currently on the market, we have a variety to choose from. There are foams, suppositories, films, creams and gels available without a prescription. Spermicides have a success rate of 85% if used properly. It is suggested that you use a condom in addition to the spermicide or Pill.


A diaphragm is similar to a cervical cap. It is a soft latex, dome shaped barrier that protects you against unwanted pregnancy. As with the cervical cap, if used correctly, it has a success rate of 87%. A spermicide is added to immobilize or even kill any sperm that comes in contact with it.