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WOW, so this is preganacy number eight and I am only 25. I have one living child who will be for in about a week, Dec. 4th. My mind is racing with so many emotions, thoughts, questions and worries.

Since I am not new to the game of being pregant, this is STILL a shock. It was not planned persay, as in detail "quick im ovulating" but as in no protection and if it happens great!


I have been under alot of stress the past week. My brother moved in with us because my parents dcided that they can't deal with him any more. He has been causing stress for my husband who currently got laid off. It's all dumb to me...

My husband doesn't like the fact that my brother isn't like his sister was when she was living with us... she stayed to her self and didn't want to hang out. My brother is the exact opposite he is a social bee... he needs to be doing something constantly...

TTC update

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So, its been a few weeks since we decided to try to get "with child". I abruptly ended my BC 2 weeks early.. I had a week of bleeding.. no clue what that was about..then i saw some mucus i thought was ovulation mucus so we made it a point to attempt fertilization that night.. a couple days later I then bought an ovulation testing kit and the day i started it, it said i was about to or in the process of ovulating... then the next day when i tested again the indicator strip on the test turned the darkest it could turn..looked like someone took a marker to it.. then yesterday I had cramps.

I have Post-Traumatic Stress

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Hi Dr. Laura,
I have Post-traumatic Stress. I know I have it.

I am still a child I consider myself to be because I'm still in the teenage years, I'm 19. So I was wondering could you tell me how to deal with this issue.

I got this from being in a car accident on May 2007 and suffered from eye trauma and I'm probably going to be on eye drops for the rest of my life.