the life changes

the begining of my new life. theres so much to learn about and discover. its so wonderful to make such a beautiful thing. theres so much to come and have so many questions to ask. makes me nervious alot of the time. like am i going to be a good mom. suport she/he the right way. when i am pregnant i worry about the baby if its growing right and getting all the nutrients she/he needs.

Scuba Diving While Pregnant?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I have been doing power yoga for the last 8 or 9 months. I know there is a question about it, but it talks about heated rooms, which is not my case. Can I go on with my power yoga lessons?

Also I was just about to start a scuba diving course when I found out I was pregnant, can I do it?Thank you, I will really appreciate your answer for I'm living in a very small island in the Pacific, and I don't have any expert at all to whom I can ask!

Thank you very much again,


Pregnant and Gaining Weight After Knee Injury

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hello. This is probably not a mainstream question. I recently (past 5 months) lost 40 pounds with exercise and diet and "accidentally" got pregnant.

Before I realized I was pregnant, I hurt my knee with what my doctor seems to think is a cartilage tear (we can't do an MRI to determine because of pregnancy).

I have gained back 10 pounds in the past two weeks because I can't do my routine which was 4 days/week of 35 minute elliptical trainer and then 30 minutes of upper body weights.

Family Fitness: Resolve to Get Your Kids Moving

You've bought your kids toboggans, hockey sticks, and cross-country skis. You've signed them up for indoor soccer, swimming lessons, and gymnastics classes. You've told them all about the benefits of physical fitness. In fact, you've done everything possible to encourage your kids to put down the TV remote and get physically active. Or have you?