Terrible 2's!!!

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omg terible 2's are a nightmare lol. keira seems to be as hormonal as a bloody teenager! she has tantrums over practically nothing! her mood swings are soooo unpridictable! bit like mine are on pmt lol.... but then again, id rather her get it outa her system while i am still the 'responsible' adult instead of when she is a teenager and realises that mummy isnt perfect lol.
here are some pics of the little 'angel'.....

Parenting Twin Toddlers

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Dr. Laura,
I am the mother of fraternal twins, Duncan and Peyton. They are 19 months old. Duncan is the more active of the two. Lately, he has been throwing tantrums, hitting, falling out on the floor, hitting his head on the floor or wall, and repeating "no."

He gets very tired throughout the day because he is always on the move. He plays hard all day. He has at least 1 quiet time at daycare when he sits in his high chair and looks at a book or the daycare provider reads a story to him. I have asked that she try this at least twice a day.