tattoos during pregnancy

Is Getting a Tattoo Safe During Pregnany?

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Dear Doula,
My best friend and I have wanted to get a tattoo together for years. We finally decided on what we wanted, waited to make sure, then made an appointment (which is tonight actually).

She and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for the last year and this week she was supposed to get her period. She took a home pregnancy test this morning and it was positive. She's tracked the time from the possible date of conception to be about 2 weeks.

Body Piercings During Pregnancy

You've worked so hard to show off those abs with a pretty little ring, and then you find out you are pregnant. Or maybe you want to live just one more moment on the "wild side" before you have to be a "mature" mom. What do you do now? Here's information to help you care for the piercings you already have and make an informed decision about piercing you may be considering in the future.

Piercings and Tattoos During Pregnancy

Piercings and tattoos can be a way to express yourself, a way to remember an event or person, even a way to feel unique. Now that you're pregnant you may have questions. Do you need to remove your naval ring? What about tongue or genital piercings? Can you get a tattoo during pregnancy. Read more for answers to these and more questions about pregnancy, tattoos and piercings.