I Need a Hug!

Most of the time adults can help children stop misbehaving when they stop dealing with the "misbehavior" and deal with the underlying cause. Children DO better when they FEEL better. Encouragement is the key.

Newborn Playtime

Many people think that you can't play with a newborn, but nothing could be further from the truth! While most of your baby's first movements are reflexive and involuntary, she loves and thrives on interaction from her parents and caregivers. In fact, her intellectual and emotional well being depend on touch, movement, songs, voices, things to look at and things to taste and smell.

Infant Massage

Touch is a language we can use to communicate to our infants. Numerous studies have found that when infants are able to be massaged for at least 15 minutes a day, they were more awake and active during the day, cried less, slept better and were more bonded with their parents.