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Prenatal Diagnostic Testing Anxiety

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Dear Experts,
My wife and I just got our triple blood screen back and we were told the test for Downs came back positive. The doctor set up an appointment for tomorrow for an ultrasound and possible amniocentesis. My wife and I have had two, very early miscarriages (fist month or so) and are scared to have the amnio. If it is healthy or not, we will go forward.


Amniocentesis is a diagnostic test that may be recommended by your health care provider following an abnormal triple test result. Inherited or genetic concerns lead some parents to choose amniocentesis to determine if specific genetic disorders may be present in their baby.

Amniocentesis FAQ's

When a couple finds out that they're going to have a baby, it's a cause for celebration. But for some couples, there are questions about the health of their newborn. With all the advances in medicine, doctors and their patients can learn a lot about the development of a fetus