When Did I Concieve

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The first day of my LMP was June 17, 2009. I had sexual intercourse on the June 25th, July 1st and July 8th with an ex-partner. I then missed my period on what would have been July 15th. I had intercourse July 18th.

My ultrasound on the September 15 said I was 13 weeks pregnant. I didn't have sex at all before my last period and that means I would have got pregnant on my period but I hadn't had sex till after it. Do you know when I possibly conceived?


Is This a Blighted Ovum?

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Dear Jane,

I am currently 7 weeks, 3 days pregnant. My HCG levels have been doubling every 40 hours. The levels were 172, 1494, 10,301.

I underwent IUI and became pregnant during my first cycle.

At my 5 week and 7 week ultrasounds, there was only a gestational sac visible, measuring 5 mm and 6.6 mm, respectively. My doctor said does not look good and will probably miscarry. I should also mention I have a tilted uterus. I am not really having any cramping or bleeding.

So my questions are: